Company Name Change

After incorporation of the company the shareholder can apply for the name change application to the Registrar of company.

After incorporation of the company the shareholder can apply for the name change application to the Registrar of company. The reasons behind for name change of the company due to business model are change, change of the shareholders, rebranding, and new business collaboration. Before apply to name change application to ROC the shareholders approval and some other formalities is required. After change of the new name of the company there was no impact on the legal entity or its existence. Hence, all assets and liabilities of the entity would continue, while only the name of the company would have been changed.

How to Change Company name?

Passing Board Resolution: Company should call a Extra Ordinary General meeting and pass a Board resolution to change the name of company. In this resolution the Board also authorised a director or professional who will fulfil all formalities before ROC on behalf of company Board.

Apply for name availability: After passing of the Board resolution the authorised person will apply new name application along with the documents before MCA. The ROC can be approved the application according to availability of the name.

Pass a Special Resolution: Once ROC approved the application of new name of the Company the company must conduct the extraordinary general meeting and pass a special resolution for change of company name and modification in memorandum and articles of association.

File the application for new name: Once the special resolution has been passed for name change the authorised person file final application to MCA along with the all the documents and prescribed fee.

Issue of new Incorporation certificate: If the registrar is satisfied they can issue new incorporation certificate.

Amendment of MOA & AOA: After issue of new name incorporation certificate the company must be change the old MOA & AOA.

Documents Required

  • MOA & AOA of the company
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Notice of Board meeting
  • Board resolution
  • Notice of general meeting
  • Resolution of general meeting

Frequently asked questions

Any guidelines available for name of the company?

Yes, the MCA issue guidelines for selecting the name of company. These guidelines are applicable for new company name, change of the existing company name.

Any approval required for name change?

Yes, the registrar of company affair approved the name change application.

After name approval new certificate of incorporation issue by ROC?

Yes, the new certificate of incorporation issued by ROC after final approval.

Any change required in MOA & AOA?

Yes, after name change the company should change the MOA & AOA with new name of the company.