Factory License

From Rs.50000 /- all inclusive fees

Factory License (For Haryana Only)

The factory owners are required to notify and also register their premises with the local governing authority before the beginning of operations. This helps in facilitating the risk management at workplace and the total implementation of Safety and Health Management Systems in factory premises.  The Factory license is required for running the factory under the provision of the Act, the submission of plans of any class or description of factories to the Chief Inspector or the State Government. The chief inspector or proper officer visit the factory site before final approval of the license.

Documents required for Factory license

  • Application Form For the Consent.
  • DD For the statuary Fees Amounted.
  • Lease Agreement copy with owner or 7/12 Copy.
  • Grampanchayat/MCD, NOC copy in name of Company.
  • Final drawing copy of factory and layout copy.
  • Declaration for the investment and Project profile by Chartered accountant.
  • Water Budget means input water, uses, applications, losses, recycled,Effluent.
  • Manufacturing process of each product with flow diagram.
  • SSI Registration copy Or IEM Registration. Copy.
  • Process flow diagram.
  • M.O.A. Copy.
  • List of Raw Material with monthly or annual consumption.
  • List of manufacturing Products with monthly or annul consumption.
  • Details of the Generators or boilers.
  • Details of the Stack and the chimney.
  • Details of hazardous and non hazardous waste, treatment and disposal.
  • ETP/STP scheme, process and diagram.