GST Registration

From Rs.1999 /- all inclusive fees

What is the GST?

As its name indicate the GST means Good and Service Tax. It’s a major tax reform in India and implementing the GST for merged all the indirect tax (VAT, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Octroi, etc) in one Tax i.e GST. The main object of the Govt to implementing the GST is One Nation, One Tax and abolishes all the Indirect taxa applicable in separate-2 states.

The GST was introduced in India on 1 st July 2017 and all the GST number is based on PAN number and you should apply separate GST number for each state. All the entities involved in manufacturing, buying, the supply of goods, and supply of services are required GST Registration.

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Who required GST Registration?

New Taxpayer:

Any new business whose annual turnover is more than Rs 20 lacs should be getting GST Registration.


All e-commerce supplier of goods or service under one brand (Flipkart, Amazon) name should be getting GST.

Branch/ Depot:

Any taxpayer who’s having Ranches or Depot in different-2 stats should be registered under GST in each state.

Inter State Supply:

Any person want to supply the goods or services to any state should be get GST registration irrespective of threshold limit.

Turnover bases:

Having Annual aggregate turnover is more than Rs 20 lacs and Rs 10 lacs North Eastern States.

Benefits of GST Registration

Elimination of multiple Taxes

The biggest benefit of GST is an elimination of multiple indirect taxes is levied. This means current taxes like excise, octroi, sales tax, CENVAT, Service tax, turnover tax etc will not be applicable and all that will fall under common tax called as GST.

Ease of Business

The GST concept will bring one country one tax concept. This will prevent unhealthy competition among states. It will be beneficial to do interstate business.

Reduce cascading effect

GST will be applicable at all stages from manufacturing to consumption. GST will provide tax credit benefit at every stage in chain. In old tax system at every stage margin is added and tax is paid on whole amount, in GST you will have tax credit benefit and tax will be paid on margin amount only. It will reduce cascading effect of tax thereby reducing cost of product.

Easy tax filling

For a businessman, GST will be a boon. No multiple taxes means compliance and documentation will be easy. Return filing, tax payment, and refund process will easy and hassle free

Reduce the product cost

For manufacture or supplier of service will get GST credit on that item use for manufacture of goods or supply of service. The final GST is paid only margin added in final products.

100% online platform

All the GST services are online and paperless. You just fill all the information in Govt web portal and no need for physical papers.

Documents required for GST Registration

  • PAN Card of the Firm/Owner/ Directors
  • Aadhaar Card of owners/ directors/ partners.
  • Bill of Electricity/ Telephone, Rent Agreement or Letter of Consent (NOC).
  • MOA/ AOA or Partnership Deed
  • Bank statement/ Cancelled Cheque.
  • Authorisation letter from signatory.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

a. Annual Turnover is Less than Rs 20 Lacs
b. Supplier of Agricultural Products
c. Supply of NIL Rated or Exempted goods
d. Supplier who cover the Reverse charge

The GSTIN is a fifteen digit number those are based on PAN No.

Anyone who is not covered in Compulsory GST Registration can be getting
register themselves as voluntary GST registration.

GST Registration is state wise registration. If you have multiple place of business
in multiple states you should get seprate-2 GST registration in every states.

You can get single GST Registration and add all branches as addition place of

Composition Scheme under the GST introduce for small tax payer,
File summarized GST return rather than monthly.
Pay single tax rate
Cannot collect GST on issue of Invoice

a. Casual Taxpayer
b. E-commerce business
c. NRI
d. Supplier of Services
e. Supplier of Exempted good and Services
f. Export of goods and services

Taxable person can be surrendering GST Registration Certificate.

Yes you can amend GST certificate on own self (like addition of goods or
services, place of business)

The aggregate turnover is the total value of,
Taxable supply includes Export, interstate supply
Exempted Supply

Non Resident taxable person, who is a foreigner and occasionally supply the
taxable good or services in India,.