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GST Registration

Goods & Service Tax ( GST ) is an indirect tax which has replaced all the other Indirect taxes in India. GST made Taxation much easier in India.

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Shop & Establishment Registration

The Punjab Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1958, frames each and every shop and establishment in the state.

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FCRA Registration

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act applies where the Funds are granted from foreign. Funds can be accepted from foreign only if FCRA Registration is completed. A routine compliance is liable to file return every year.

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TAN No Registration

TAN (Tax Deduction and collection Number) is compulsory for those who are responsible for deduction of TDS (Tax deduction at source). Basically, Pvt. Ltd. Companies, LLP, Proprietorship etc… are liable for the same.

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Pan No Registration

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is alphanumeric Number provided by Income Tax Department. The basic purpose of PAN is that through that unique number, Govt. can keep a track on the financial transactions & all the taxes followed.

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Trade Mark Registration

As we know, Nowadays competition is at higher level in the market. Many products are similar to that of other, to distinguish the product from other, we need a ‘ Brand’ or ‘logo’ to differ the product from that of others and that is what trademark is.

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Patent Registration

Patent is an inclusive right granted to an inventor for innovation, which excludes others in using, selling or making the invention. It is filled for a specific period of time.

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MSME Registration

MSME means  for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. MSME registration provide several benefits from government. It isn’t mandatory but is suggested for all . Tax subsidies, less taxes payable.

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Fire License Registration

According to this section, Any premises which have the risk of catching fire shall take Fire License Registration as a safety. Director of Fire Service, May take a correct action towards it.

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Digital Signature Registration

Digital Signature is a physical signature in electronic form. These are used for filling returns, for all online transactions. Only, Basic Documents are required for the same.

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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration depends upon the owner, rights to copy or modify work or to give permission to someone else for the same. Basically, Copyright is in the owner’s hand but may lie in the creator’s hand also.

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ISO Registration

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)  is an international organization which ensures the Precautions, Grade and Efficiency of products, services.

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Professional Tax

Professional Tax is a liability for the employees and for those who are practicing profession For instance CA, Cs, Advocates, etc… They need to pay this tax according to the rate at which their state implies.

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