Private Limited Company

From Rs.8,999 /- all inclusive fees

About the Private Limited Company

For the startups to have a strong foundation and raise the funds in the future, Private Limited Company is a viable option. One of the important decisions made by an entrepreneur or a start-up while starting this journey is the selection of his business entity. It is most appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. It takes only around two weeks to set up a Private Limited Company.


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Five Simple Steps for making the Private Limited Company

  • 1

    Fill our form with all relevant documents.

  • 2

    Apply for DSC with DIN for Directors.

  • 3

    Preparing Legal documents with MOA & AOA

  • 4

    Incorporation Forms upload to ROC.

  • 5

    Get your Incorporation Certificate with PAN & TAN

Benefits/Advantage of Private Limited Company


Limited liability is the unique feature of the company. The liability of the shareholder of the company is limited up to the unpaid share held by them. The shareholder person assets not attache if the company suffer from any loss.


Private limited company is more transparent and credible compare with other. The fund lender (Banking, NRI, NBFC) is more confidential to allowed the fund to a company.


The shareholder can be easily transferring the share to any other person or to any company.

Perpetual Succession.

If the members are change, death or insolvent the company exist in the eyes of the law. The life of the company exist continue or forever.


Private Limited company is more transparent compare with Proprietorship or Private Limited because any one can be check the company documents through ROC website.


As per the Company Act the private limited company do not published the financial to public compare with Public company. This feature makes the secrecy of the company financial.

Owning Assets

Company is a artificial person and it can acquire, sale, hold, alter any type of property in his name. The shareholder cannot claim up on the company property.

Documents Required for Private Limited Company

  • PAN Card of Each Director

  • ID Proof of Each Director and Shareholder

    • A. Passport copy

    • B. Aadhaar Copy

    • C. Voter ID Card

    • D. Driving License

  • Resident Address Proof of each director and shareholder (Not Older than 2 months)

    • A. Electricity Bill

    • B. Telephone bill

    • C. Bank statement

  • Registered office address proof ( not older than 2 months)

    • Any Ownership Proof: A. Electricity Bill

    • B. Water bill

    • C. Property Tax Deposit Slip

    NOC From landlord

  • Latest 2 Photo of each Directors

Private limited
Company Registration @

Rs 15,000

Rs 8,999/*(All Inclusive)

The above cost only for 2 DSC, 2 DIN and authorised capital up to Rs 10 Lakh.

Private limited
Company Registration @

Rs 18,000

Rs 12,999/*(All Inclusive)

The above cost only for 2 DSC, 2 DIN and authorised capital up to Rs 10 Lakh.

Private limited
Company Registration @

Rs 25,000

Rs 19,999/*(All Inclusive)

The above cost only for 2 DSC, 2 DIN and authorised capital up to Rs 10 Lakh.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • a. Limited Liability
  • b. Separate Legal Entity
  • c. Perpetual Existence
Directors of Private Limited company is responsible for the company day to day affair with management and legal compliances.
The Director needs to be over 18 years of age and must be a natural person. There are no limitations in terms of citizenship. Therefore, foreign nationals can be directors in a Indian Private Limited or limited company.
Individual can be appointed as a director of private limited company. Director need not be a shareholder of the company and shareholders need not necessarily be the directors also.
  • a. Number of Shareholder / Directors should be required for registering a Private Limited/ Limited or OPC company. which are
  • b. One Person Company – Only 1 (One) shareholder and 1 (One) or more Directors and 1 (One) Nominee Shareholder;
  • c. Private Limited Company - Minimum of 2 (Two) Shareholders and 2 (Two) Directors;
  • d. Public Limited Company - Minimum of 7 (Seven) Shareholders and 3 (Three) Directors.
  • e. A company may appoint more than fifteen directors after passing a special resolution in general meeting.
Any person appointing to become director in a company must first apply for director identification number. The approved DIN is valid for life and the same DIN can be used by the director, even if the person has directorship in more than one company. Director Identification Number never expires and a person can have only one Director Identification Number.
DIN can be obtained through Ministry of Corporate Affair (MCA) through online application process. For DIN the documents required a copy of identity and address proofs with Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of the applicant. The application should be certified by a CA/ CS/ CWA.
A Shareholder is the persons (Natural/ Artificial/ Foreign Company) who invest capital in the company and hold the shares in a company. Shareholder is the Actual owners of the company.
In the private limited company, a minimum of two shareholders are required and maximum of up to 200 shareholders are allowed in a private limited company. The shareholders can be natural persons or companies, including foreign companies.
Authorised Capital of a company is the higher limit of capital that company issue the shares to shareholders.
The Authorised Capital for Private Limited company is Rs 100000
The Registered office of a Company a place which all type of communicatin can be done.
Yes, The registered office can be changes Within a city or one city to another or within a state and one state to other state.
The digital signature certificate (DSC) legally approved method for validate the documents. DSC is electronic signature used the asymmetric cryptography technology for signature the documents.
The DSC making some authorised company those are governed by Information Technology Act 2000. The DSC can be obtain after submission of the documents and fee.
Corporate Identification Number is issued by the MCA after registered the private limited company. CIN No is the unique identity of the Private Limited Company.
Yes, a NRI or Foreign Company can be become shareholder of Private Limited Company. FDI rules and FEMA guidelines applicable.
Yes, a Foreign National or an NRI can be a Director in a Private Limited Company in India after obtaining Director Identification Number. However, at least one Director on the Board of Directors must be a Resident India.
Yes, Foreign parent or holding Companies, can incorporate a subsidiary, as a 100% owned Private Limited Company in India subject to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Guidelines.
  • (1) All Director DSC & DIN
  • (2) Apply for Name Approval of Company
  • (3) Submit final forms for approval of Private Limited
  • (4) Obtain the Registration Certificate